Being the adventures of a band in London with unremarkable haircuts and an arguably eccentric approach to disco. There are three of us: Betamax does the drumming, Vaughn Stokes takes care of the bass, Jordan concerns himself mainly with the Rhythm Guitar, and we all croon like fools.

Thursday 16 February 2012


April 25-30= UK
May 10-15 = Italia
May 16-21 = Deutschland
May 22-27 = Benelux

Someone somewhere has suggested that the time is right for Hot Head Show to return to the MAINLAND. Our brand managers at Tentacle Entertainments have apparently already confirmed several shows, which they tell us are in "really banging venues, guys", though their reticence when pressed for details does worry us slightly. A junior copyist who must remain nameless as her desk is just down the hall from the Conference Chambers where these things are worked out has revealed to members of this band (under circumstances regarding which we are at this point in our careers able to offer no more than calm assurances that all parties were vehemently consenting and apparently of an age compliant with all but the most prudent moral standards notwithstanding any details which might surface once the pertinent parties exhaust all feasible honourably profitable avenues and resort at last to autobiographical dirt-digging nastinesses to which we'd like to take this seemingly fertile opportunity to preemptively deny) that the touring itinerary currently being devised for Hot Head Show consists principally of sponsored corporate appearances in the glassy lobbies and wood-paneled smoking lounges of the various banks and insurance brokers with whom Tentacle Entertainments is currently in the process of establishing relationships whose implications would seem to extend far beyond the hapless plebeian boundaries of Avant Bang recordings and into vast vertically and horizontally integrated ventures with implications your average continental Everyman might not like the look of - as such, we've been wondering if YOU might have any suggestions as to additional performative opportunities whose perplexative data we can pitch to the bean counters up in the Tentacle Entertainments building in the hope they might be able to work your clubnight or house party or avant-barbeque or whatever into the schedule so that at least a few of the shows on this tour will be in the company of good honest mandems who know a good Bang when they hear one.

Dove ti piacerebbe far festa Avant-Bang con noi in Italia?
Wo würden Sie gerne mit uns feiern Avant-Bang in Deutschland?
Kie vi ŝatus partio Avant-Bang kun ni en Eŭropo?
Où aimeriez-vous faire la fête Avant-Bang avec nous en Europe?
Non nahi gurekin Avant-Bang party Europan duzu?
Kde byste chtěl mít Avant-Bang párty u nás v Evropě?
Waar wilt u dat wij een aantal leuke party-time shows spelen in Europa?
Hvar vilt þú okkur að spila skemmtilega aðila-skipti Avant-Bang sýnir í Evrópu?
تم کہاں ہمیں یورپ میں Avant-Bang کچھ مزہ پارٹی کے وقت پتہ چلتا ہے کھیلنے کے لئے پسند کرے گا؟
Cén áit ar mhaith leat dúinn a imirt ar roinnt spraoi Avant-Bang seónna san Eoraip?
Віншуем быць вельмі старанна - вам спадабаецца альбом

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Tuesday 6 December 2011


Until fairly recently, after feverish weeks of fist-biting, we had been looking forward to announcing a string of UK Showtimes scheduled for the first half of December. However, the Universe has seen to it that instead we will today announce our principal vocalist's deployment to the People's Republic of China, his prowess in the field of short-form video propaganda having been procured at considerable expense by a coalition of property tycoons evidently hell-bent on becoming even more prosperous than they already are. It has therefore, and not without considerable consideration, been deemed necessary to wipe clean Hot Head Show's calendar of public appearances for what remains of 2011. The vocalist responsible wrestled bravely with muscular torrents of regret, right up until the evening his (and your) drummer disembarked unexpectedly from a bicycle unto the moist yet unforgiving concrete of a Hackney Wick side-street, grazing half his face and fracturing one of the elbows that would have been critical to any attempt made by HHS to perform any of their popular entertainments between now and the New Year.

In the mean time, one might be forgiven for presuming general operations to be at a standstill here at Hotheadquarters, but this is true only of certain periods of each day. Our primary THRUST at the moment is, you should be delighted to learn, ALBUM NUMBER TWO - an enterprise which can be considered overwhelmingly positive in every implication other than the cruel flagrancy of its shitting so heartily on the head of album number one. Behold:

It's an exciting time to be a human being, boys and girls. Don't touch that dial.

The other matter to clear up once and for all is the current situation with HOT HEAD SHOW's performative personnel. There has been much misguided speculation - the truth is, after Vaughn Stokes tragically was eaten by a horse at the end of the summer, amid the ensuing torrent of talented bass players practically and sometimes literally wrestling for our attention, we happened to receive word of the potentially imminent return of MR JONAH BRODY from his two year exile on the other side of the world. In the time immediately before Vaughn Stokes decided to leave high school in Canada to join everyone's favourite desperately obscure Bang Bang trio in East London, the bass player in that trio had been Mr Jonah Brody. In fact, many of the low-frequency vibrations that rumble your booty every time the Lemon LP comes on started life as tiny funky frictions between the strings of a semi-acoustic Epiphone and the gnarled fingertips of Mr Jonah Brody. That piano soliloquy that closes the LP? Mr Jonah Brody. You may have heard word of our sister company and yang to HHS's yin - SUPER BEST FRIENDS CLUB: the tall thin frontman of that strange outfit, known for grease-painted spiritual outpourings and spontaneous flailing dance-floor invasions, is in fact none other than Mr Jonah Brody. IN ADDITION to Mr Jonah Brody's peerless credentials as Transcendent Mystic, he happens to be a RINSING bass player. We took him for a spin at the Bedroom Bar and he rinsed the house down. If you happen to have missed that particular Showtime due to your sister's birthday party or whatever, it seems you will now have to wait until January - we have an album to finish and a mission-critical elbow to heal.

But 2012 is going to be one helluva year, oh boy - we have two Video Entertainments currently in post-production, one detailing our rancid misadventures on the road with Primus, and the other detailing something else. You will probably end up watching each of them several times. Two London shows and a UK tour will happen in Feb/Mar, and Mainland Europe will be getting it's piece in the Spring, with Showtimes currently in the works for Hamburg, Berlin, Roma, Milano, Perugia, Warsaw, and your sister's university. Should YOU have an additional Showtime to suggest to the Show, the place to do that is

If by some tragic miracle you don't already own The Lemon LP, you might want to consider buying it here:

Lastly - the gentlemen central to our operation, those three young spiceboys insistently referring to themselves as Hot Head Show, have asked that I invoke the great horn-arranger of the universe in hoping, whatever the coldest/cosiest months of the year mean to you, that they don't fail to deliver this time round, but also to remind everyone that for most of us, there's always next year.

Much love,

Randolph T. Jackson
VP Public Relations
Bureau of Affairs
Tentacle Entertainments

Saturday 23 July 2011

Best Review Ever

The Original Article in Italian:

The Internet's Automated Translation:

There are those who live and who rejoices in the excess of reflection, who goes to school in style and those who copy the style if the task as a class, are not sophistry low market, but it is the finding of complicity and how alive the 'need to have all the costs need to be heroic or erotic "like" better "than" and stronger than "that other", to resemble in all respects to "the body and inspiring "in all shapes and sauces, the Hot Head Show , British band - which militates Jordan, son of the famous Stewart Copeland - dedicated to surrealism acrobatic funk-blues version of the Isosceles, if this n'escono The Lemon LP , eleven asymmetric traces that seem alive and silver extracted in robbery Ballardian band Les Claypool , Primus, and imprinting is a total and dehumanizing of this training, but it does not seem to bother Clay Boss, indeed, is something enthusiastic so that if you aggregate them behind in a never-ending tour.

Jordan Copeland on guitar, Beatamax on drums and Vaughn Strokes are the devil down to four as a duty and mission to headbang-blooded masses of stinging Funkettomani spring with their jerky rhythms - never wave - that puts fire in the adrenal veins, rowdy, Technical and anarchists, epic, cross, and so crooked caciaroni distant from schizophrenia resurrect Zappa , the HHS invest all their white-hot in a vacuum gigionesco toss the balance in a stereo tracking epileptic extensions and retreats of the blood that makes you fat, a vein of eccentricity that gulps down everything psychedelic, funk, Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers , guitars and wah wah increased in the seventh, the nineties and the prancing circus sprogrammato of G Love & Special Sauce, microparticles of diseases vaudevilliane Waitsiane and here and there - such as waste production - clippings Police and Soul Coughing , in short, a food that crosses with wild-eyed look and all the essential steps and progression of skill that only the champion - even if the skin super scripts - know how to baste.

Certainly not fail to to break - between the eaters of those imperfections to hammer sound - the exciting Latin-funk robotic commingling the Talking Heads ( " Bummer " ), the oddities of cacophonous crazy-clubbing ( " Hotel Room " ), from the blues drip " Whats Goes Round " , " Ritalin " or "Donkey" , or - to consider the art of music as a benefit to climb fast and painless with surrealism to the square - a nice little grebe among the "shock absorbers" to live a low divine harmony which is to shoulder an even more majestic " Blessed polynomial ", and then along this band is the least fall in love unashamedly.

Claypool has seen well, the heirs have appointed them, and them, these three scoundrels zompettanti Londoners do not want to redeem themselves and forget to take the step "longer than the leg," the rest are "hot heads" and the show is in their DNA, and no one will make us shit! Thank goodness.
(Max Sannella)

Friday 17 June 2011


Sunday 10 April 2011

Tuesday 22 March 2011


Thank you Mr/Ms. Extremities for your gallant cinematography, your no-nonsense approach to video editing, and your evidently advanced sense of Bang.  And there were we thinking that evening at Wonderland was destined to pass unlogged into the midnight depths of forgotten history.  NOT SO says the man with the video-recording telephone.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Everybody Do The Max Party Shuffle

Beatamax went and made a Banger.  If any of you are aware of a sassier tune ever having been recorded, we'd like to know about it.


Thursday 10 February 2011

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Mechanical Marinade

HOT SHOW VINYL this way comes.  Seven inches of shiny black bang bang, carved and bagged and ready to rotate right there on your residential record rotator.  Test pressings have finally been APPROVED by the Show, and will be on sale from February 14th - the very date, by no small coincidence, that these two songs will become available on iTunes, Spotify, and whatever.

Here's a preview of the freshly remastered, omnispectrally superior recordings:

But what you should REALLY be riding right now is the REMIX lovingly choppastricated by A MECHANICAL MARINER:

AND! - the VIDEO will be up NEXT WEEK oh boy:

Friday 21 January 2011

Thank you Ratface

It would seem that a young man known as RATFACE83 had his videorecorder trained on a couple of bangs in Nottingham.  Includes an HILARIOUS kick pedal mishap and strangely nautical vibe:

Saturday 8 January 2011


Our bass player has written a Taoist song, our first foray into such forthright philosophising.  It is very nice.

Thursday 6 January 2011


Next week, after an unprecedented amount of time at the drawing board, the Show returns to stages ACROSS ENGLAND.  Three NEW TUNES and a full range of MERCHANDISE will be available at all engagements.

To make this poster we took a photo of Vaughn taken by Barry before our show in Koln last year.  Max leaped with ferocious enthusiasm immediately to the Hue/Saturation controls, and tweaked those electromagnetic vibrations for a good 45 minutes whilst Jordan and Vaughn were in the other room learning to simultaneously sing and play Jordan's new tune, which right now is called Hello Doctor.  On returning to the Poster Issue, after some deliberation 40pt was ultimately proved ideal for the events themselves, though the cities and dates would require an 80 caliber Georgia Bold, whilst a mere 36pt seemed more than sufficient for explanatory details.  The band then took an unsettling communication from the Manchester promoter, from which it was decided that the Manchester date on the 18th could potentially end up being woefully unfun, and should probably be cancelled.  But then, to the unconcealed delight of all present, it was revealed that five dates on a poster actually looks better than six dates on a poster.  Amid wildly affirmative cries and buoyant libations, the Quality slider was slid all the way to "highest"on the jpeg exporter, and the conversation drifted briskly elsewhere.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

What key is it even in?

Hearty lolz on exhuming an old classic:

 lemonz prax by HOT HEAD SHOW

Sunday 14 November 2010

Bodie and The Word

Hot Headquarters having just this week found itself in a position to offer the discerning young composer both the technical wherewithal and the motivational gumption to record bits and often silly pieces right here in the cozy confines of a room above a betting shop in E9, Jordan and Vaughn have settled comfortably into a shift scheme whereby each will fire up the Recording Device during the other's hours of work for the Man.  And so two songs have emerged, one of which might one day find itself being performed by Hot Head Show, whilst the other will almost certainly languish on some virtual shelf in an impossibly dustless digital database for a very long time indeed.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Built with You in Mind

So Vaughn Stokes is back and settling in nicely to his former routine of sofa-slumbering till 3pm followed by alternate hours of bass-practicing and spotify-jockeying.   Since we left him in New York three months ago, the only obvious differences are a slight thickening of his ambitiously groomed facial hair and a new appreciation for Chick Corea.

In other news, Jordan has been moonlighting on recordings helmed principally by Jonah "The Truth" Brody of Super Best Friends Club.  His (Jordan's) Mbira chops only really come out to play on these rare session gigs, on this occasion committed to binary in the brand new recording facility deep in the guts of Homerton Psychiatric Hospital, after the Chilean sound engineer's ultimately job-costing decision to leave the band alone in the building whilst he (the sound Chilean engineer) went to pick up his girlfriend (an accomplished klezmer cellist) from the night bus stop:

Monday 13 September 2010

The Return

This week Vaughn Stokes will be once more in our midst.  He's flying Victoria to London via like Belgrade, and will arrive probably Thursday.  I'm sure he'll be giving y'all a thorough report once he himself is back in the Smoke - we here at the Show know very little of his movements since the end of the US tour.  We know he stopped off briefly to visit the love of his life in Montreal, and that he then continued west in search of further coital opportunities.  We heard a rumor he was living with a midget on the beach north of Seattle - some say he's strung out on some esoterically morbid mysticism, but we find that hard to believe.  He was apparently sighted early last Sunday outside a burlesque club in Vancouver, in a compromising position with a beautiful double-amputee and a suspected racist.  That story would seem to jive with this photograph, which reached us a few days ago:

Saturday 11 September 2010

Sunday 29 August 2010

The Lemon EP

After many happy downloads from the Soundcloud player, we've now moved the Lemon EP over to Bandcamp, which we're told is what all the hepcats are doing.  You can still download it for free, you just need to join our mailing list, which is really a win-win from your point of view. is still the place to go for live tracks, rehearsal jams and other obscurities, which will still be downloadable for nothing.

<a href="">The Whole Lemon EP by HOT HEAD SHOW</a>

Thursday 19 August 2010




Look what Barry done dug up from the bottom of his suitcase...

Monday 2 August 2010

The American Opinion

Thought you might enjoy some highlights of the various bits and pieces we were accused of whilst in the states:     02.06.10
"It takes a lot to surprise people in London.  Nonetheless, Hot Head Show are apparently turning heads with songs that Time Out London could only describe as "genuinely fresh" and "appealingly bizarre".  Les Claypool, the muso demi-god responsible for plunging his mighty fingers into the confused bubble & squeak of London's burgeoning avant-rock scene and plucking forth this odd trio, describes them as "stupid, unclean, helpless geniuses".  Having spent the first part of the year parading Hot Head Show around Europe, Claypool brings them now to the US for their first stateside tour."

Pittsburgh City Paper     03.06.10
"Opening for Claypool at Greensburg's Palace Theatre tonight is a new act worth special notice: Hot Head Show, a London-based trio whose erratic grooves and twisted lyrics combine elements of Captain Beefheart, deranged ska, The Birthday Party and Tom Waits. To quote singer Jordan Bennett's monologic lyrics, "Run for the early train that gets you there before the rush / 'Cause then the entrance fee won't sting so much."

Tiny Rager blog     08.06.10
"It is a wonder that Les Claypool doesn't understand the crowd's reaction to his music when he invites groups like this to open for his show.  Personally, this was just a loud 30 minute mess used to get us rowdy.  There was a pretty bass solo at one point but other wise the music was a headache.  An utter headache.  After reading about them, their reviews are actually positive... UGH!  I am sorry but I really hate being screamed at by a band on stage."

Wall Street Journal .com     04.06.10
"Hot Head Show was the ideal opening act for Claypool and Co. The trio makes funky, zig-zaggy rock, though it tosses blues and ska into the blender as well, with lyrics from the Zappa/Claypool school of sophomoric humor. If you didn't make it to Montclair, the double-bill plays the House of Blues in Atlantic City on Sunday and the Brooklyn Bowl on Tuesday."

The Sonic Abyss blog     07.06.10
"Every once in a while a band comes along with a sound so insane (yet so undeniably well done and totally pro) that one's head just spins in wonderment until you realize you can do nothing but laugh, enjoy, and go with the flow... I’ve never heard anything quite like this before and I really can’t compare it directly with any one band. Absolutely one of the most fun bands I’ve ever heard in my life.  As esoteric as any Frank Zappa album ever was (albeit with simple guitar/bass/drums instrumentation)... slips from garage to ska to twisted rock to avantgarde effortlessly, with one of the most fun and playful bass guitars I’ve ever heard and sharp British wit.  No kidding…this is a fiercely original sound that has to be experienced.   Guaranteed to make you smile, confuse and confound you.  And the musicianship is just ludicrously top notch.  I’m amazed at how addicting this sound is."

Pittsburgh Music Report     11.06.10
"The opening band Hot Head Show did not impress.  The vocals were near indecipherable, they constantly started / stopped, and changed pace throughout the song.  I had a hard time getting in to the groove."

"If the generic, bland sounds of American Idol are getting you down about the state of the modern music scene, then check out the wildly innovative music of Hot Head Show. This unique trio from London, England is never going to end up on any Top 40 playlist, and that's only one of the things that makes them so great. Hot Head Show plays music that defies any easy description, taking cues and influences from diverse sources such as the blues, ska, alternative rock, funk and psychedelia. Thrown together in a crazy musical stew and seasoned with witty lyrics and terrific vocals, their music will get your feet moving at the same time your brain is trying to process just what exactly you're hearing... at a time when mediocrity and blandness seem to dominate the music scene, it's wonderful to hear a band that just goes out there and plays their own kind of music."

Monday 12 July 2010

Yo here's what America looked like yo:

Saturday 10 July 2010

So the state of play

currently is this:  Betamax and Jordan are now back in London, but Vaughn decided to go from New York to Toronto in order to make love to the young lady he's been pining for since he arrived.  Once he's done that a few times, he'll go back to Vancouver Island to rekindle his relationship with a large glass bong apparently superior to anything that has ever existed in Europe.  Then, hopefully, he's going to book himself a flight back to London.

In the mean time, Betamax is living in his van and spending a lot of time on his fairly banging side-project Soccer 96, whilst Jordan finally has some time to figure out whether a brass slide might be better than a traditional glass bottleneck.  When Vaughn returns, he will go from the airport directly to meet us in the recording studio to lay down Fingers and Bethany, so that we can push some new product to the people before the summer's out.


Tuesday 8 June 2010

New York City

Sunday 30 May 2010


Going to New York tomorrow.  Three dudes and a makeshift manager versus the mighty US of A.  That's assuming they let us in - both Betamax and Vaughn Stokes are currently sporting the wrong sort of beard, and Jordan is bound to cause offense one way or another.

But assuming we do make it to the 3000 heads unknowingly awaiting us at Show #1 in Buffalo, we'll be banging out a couple of new ones, one of which is pretty odd, and then we'll probably do something like this too:

Should you see us wondering the streets of Manhattan, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Covington, Brooklyn, Manchester Tennessee, New Hope Pennsylvania, Philadelphia again, or Toronto, do please come say hi.  We'll probably give you a lighter that says Hot Head Show on it.


Monday 17 May 2010

London Rumble

So the show tonight is at an underground wrestling event in Hackney Wick - 92 Whitepost Lane E9 5EN - look for handwritten signs guiding you in off the street.

It cost a tenner and the only rule is that if you come in, you have to fight. We'll be playing an extended set with a heavy jam feel in keeping with the action as it happens. Should be a banger.


Monday 29 March 2010

The Lemon EP


Here at last the Lemon EP is made fully available for listening, downloading, embedding, inbedding, inthekitchening, or wherever.  The first track is the whole EP as intended - one seventeen minute strip of ballsout bangbang.  But for those who'd rather have the tracks individually, the record can now be downloaded as such from this same player.  It's all free, but should land right there in iTunes next to the music you paid good money for.  The HARD COPY of this EP, costing about a tenner, will contain three extra tracks - Ritalin, Some Money, and Circumspangle #1, and probably a lovely sticker too.  It will also be housed in appropriately nifty packaging, which is being scored and die-cut as we speak:

Saturday 27 March 2010


Now back in London with a cup of Normal Tea in an honest block of flats.  Europe was overwhelmingly good to us.  Those European people laughed at all our jokes and enthused mercilessly.  They gave us more beer than we could drink, more ham and cheese slices than we could fold into little baps, and they bought more CDs than we had to sell.  We had to get another 500 made in Berlin, pressed by a nice girl who apparently sounded hot on the phone.

The shows were occasionally shit but mostly hella.  Live EP and various bits & video pieces are now being masticated furiously, should be ready soon.  And then there's this next tour - Colonel Claypool has now formally requested that we open his shows in the US this summer.  Which begs the question - are the people of America ready for bang bang?  Whilst we scratch our chins over that, why don't you look at these:

Saturday 20 March 2010

Monday 15 March 2010

Friday 12 March 2010

Wednesday 10 March 2010


Claypool Tour Day 1:

Wednesday 3 March 2010

What Goes Round

Finished another tune today, soon to be on merch stands across Europe.  Thought I'd stick it up here first, just for those of you brave enough to have ventured beyond the myspace...

      What Goes Round  by  HOT HEAD SHOW

In just over two weeks we'll be performing this song in this building in Koln, Deutschland:

Fuckin Hella.


Monday 1 March 2010

Readying for the Road

Much to do round here.  Fresh bouquet of new tunes to prune, all manner of emails to people big and small, and which of these lighters is better....?


Monday 15 February 2010

Tuesday 9 February 2010


The soiled remnants of a party above an auto shop, deep into a January night in Clapton.

Thursday 4 February 2010

That Betamax Sound

This week, my word - for the first time in the history of Hot Head Show, our drummer showed up at Headquarters proclaiming that a song had been written and that he himself had written it.  He tried to explain his concept for the tune, which made no sense at all.  But knowing the boy to be a better drummer than he is an explainer, the recording machine was wheeled into the room, and Betamax laid down first a guitar part, then the drums.
   Max's Rhythm  by  HOT HEAD SHOW

It needs a little work, but is going to be very banging indeed.  This is one of five new tunes now being whittled lovingly in a basement in Dalston, splurges of which are bound to end up on here over the next few weeks.  And I'm pretty sure I've got a new batch of live videos knocking around here somewhere.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

It's Official

So yeah, we're going to open for Les Claypool across Europe in March.   The tour starts at Koko in Camden on the 8th March, from whence we'll proceed unto the Continent.  Ten cities in twelve days.

This all started a few weeks ago, when we managed to score Mr Claypool's email address, and took it upon ourselves to pitch him our shit.  As it happened he had a European tour coming up, and the need for a nifty little trio to warm up his crowds whilst they're checking their coats and getting a round in.  But between the Yes from Les and the final confirmation there has passed a tense two weeks of Probably Maybe, whilst the booking agent and promoters checked the myspace, weighed us up against their favorite local bands, and punched numbers into the calculators on their blackberries, all the while murmuring secretively.

But as of this afternoon, it's officially a thing.  Koko is already sold out, and the other dates are going fast - if you're an Italian Head or a German or Swiss Head, you best run straight down to the ticket shop.  For American and Canadian Heads, and our original UK Heads who bin there from day, there will inevitably be a steady stream of blog continuing to gush frantically at your face and dribble down your chin and onto your trendy little shoes.  There will also be MUSIC - our most pressing objective, before we start thinking about how we're going to feed ourselves on this tour, is to bang out some new SHOWTUNES.

Here's Jordan and Vaughn discussing concepts:

And Betamax is considering doing this in one of the new tunes:

So watch out for that.


Sunday 24 January 2010

Saturday 23 January 2010


It's looking increasingly likely that Hot Head Show will be touring Europe with Les Claypool in a few weeks' time.  Hoorah.  More soon.

Friday 22 January 2010


Played MOOSEWRENCH up in LEEDS.  Looked a lot like this:

[click them and they get bigger]