Being the adventures of a band in London with unremarkable haircuts and an arguably eccentric approach to disco. There are three of us: Betamax does the drumming, Vaughn Stokes takes care of the bass, Jordan concerns himself mainly with the Rhythm Guitar, and we all croon like fools.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Built with You in Mind

So Vaughn Stokes is back and settling in nicely to his former routine of sofa-slumbering till 3pm followed by alternate hours of bass-practicing and spotify-jockeying.   Since we left him in New York three months ago, the only obvious differences are a slight thickening of his ambitiously groomed facial hair and a new appreciation for Chick Corea.

In other news, Jordan has been moonlighting on recordings helmed principally by Jonah "The Truth" Brody of Super Best Friends Club.  His (Jordan's) Mbira chops only really come out to play on these rare session gigs, on this occasion committed to binary in the brand new recording facility deep in the guts of Homerton Psychiatric Hospital, after the Chilean sound engineer's ultimately job-costing decision to leave the band alone in the building whilst he (the sound Chilean engineer) went to pick up his girlfriend (an accomplished klezmer cellist) from the night bus stop:

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Return

This week Vaughn Stokes will be once more in our midst.  He's flying Victoria to London via like Belgrade, and will arrive probably Thursday.  I'm sure he'll be giving y'all a thorough report once he himself is back in the Smoke - we here at the Show know very little of his movements since the end of the US tour.  We know he stopped off briefly to visit the love of his life in Montreal, and that he then continued west in search of further coital opportunities.  We heard a rumor he was living with a midget on the beach north of Seattle - some say he's strung out on some esoterically morbid mysticism, but we find that hard to believe.  He was apparently sighted early last Sunday outside a burlesque club in Vancouver, in a compromising position with a beautiful double-amputee and a suspected racist.  That story would seem to jive with this photograph, which reached us a few days ago:

Saturday, 11 September 2010