Being the adventures of a band in London with unremarkable haircuts and an arguably eccentric approach to disco. There are three of us: Betamax does the drumming, Vaughn Stokes takes care of the bass, Jordan concerns himself mainly with the Rhythm Guitar, and we all croon like fools.

Monday, 16 November 2009

2 Shows and another 86 hours in the studio

In summary:
The new guy is so right on you wouldn't believe.
Betamax's girlfriend's band is also actually pretty good.
Jordan is nearly ready to stop arsing around with the new tracks, but not quite.
Drummer and bass player now live in small flat above a Costcutter with only mild
rodent infestation, though unless bass player finds a job pronto he'll be back on
guitarist's sofa, where rodent issues are more severe, before the end of the month.
Here's what it all looks like:

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  1. How's it for you max? Err yeah, i think i should have got mayonnaise on the chips and ketchup on the burger. That's a SICK moment Jordan, thank you for catching it. I want more of them! Do a compilation. Nice blog guys. The new guy is a dude.