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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's Official

So yeah, we're going to open for Les Claypool across Europe in March.   The tour starts at Koko in Camden on the 8th March, from whence we'll proceed unto the Continent.  Ten cities in twelve days.

This all started a few weeks ago, when we managed to score Mr Claypool's email address, and took it upon ourselves to pitch him our shit.  As it happened he had a European tour coming up, and the need for a nifty little trio to warm up his crowds whilst they're checking their coats and getting a round in.  But between the Yes from Les and the final confirmation there has passed a tense two weeks of Probably Maybe, whilst the booking agent and promoters checked the myspace, weighed us up against their favorite local bands, and punched numbers into the calculators on their blackberries, all the while murmuring secretively.

But as of this afternoon, it's officially a thing.  Koko is already sold out, and the other dates are going fast - if you're an Italian Head or a German or Swiss Head, you best run straight down to the ticket shop.  For American and Canadian Heads, and our original UK Heads who bin there from day, there will inevitably be a steady stream of blog continuing to gush frantically at your face and dribble down your chin and onto your trendy little shoes.  There will also be MUSIC - our most pressing objective, before we start thinking about how we're going to feed ourselves on this tour, is to bang out some new SHOWTUNES.

Here's Jordan and Vaughn discussing concepts:

And Betamax is considering doing this in one of the new tunes:

So watch out for that.


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